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Special Event | 80th Birthday Party

Saturday, June 4!

We have been invited to perform at a Bruin fan’s 80th birthday party this Saturday, June 4. The fan’s son (who contacted us) will donate $1,000 to our Alumni Scholarship fund as a “thank you” for our participation, so please come out and join us.

Address: 13101 Colonial Drive, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

We’ll play a few fight songs and a few other tunes, and then we (and our guests) are invited to stay for food and drinks, and to enjoy the party. Please sign up on our website to let us know you’ll be there.

Rancho Cucamonga
Saturday, June 04, 2022
4:30 PM

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  1. Adler, Bill (Tuba) - guest: yes
  2. Bronstein, Tracy (piccolo) - guest: no
  3. Campman, Marty (Tuba) - guest: no
  4. Fierberg, Joel (Conductor, tuba) - guest: no
  5. Hirsch, Ed (trombone) - guest: no
  6. Hue, Jeff (Euphonium) - guest: no
  7. Kwan, Andrew (clarinet) - guest: yes
  8. Lefor, Sheila (Alto Sax) - guest: no
  9. Lundy, Michael (Trumpet) - guest: no
  10. McCombs-Swayne, Shirley (Piccolo) - guest: no
  11. Mio, Jeffery (Trumpet (flugel horn)) - guest: no
  12. Sanger, Darlene (Alto Sax, Flute, Piano) - guest: no
  13. Spitser, James (Clarinet) - guest: no
  14. Standley, Colleen (Alto Sax) - guest: no
  15. Yacoobian, Charles (Percussion) - guest: no
  16. Yacoobian, Emily (percussion) - guest: no

Not Attending

  1. Chaikovsky, Oleg (Trombone) - guest: no
  2. Hays, Todd (Percussion) - guest: no
  3. Salazar, Richard (Tuba, Sousaphone, Upright Bass, Baritone, Valve Trombone) - guest: no


  1. Guttenplan, Stu (Trombone) - guest: no
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