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vs. CaliforniaFootball

Our final home football game of the season will be against the Cal Bears on Saturday, November 27. Call Time is 4:00 pm and joining us will be a great way to work off the extra calories you consumed at your Thanksgiving dinner. (Plus, there won't be any turkey leftovers sold at the concession stands.)

Rose Bowl
Saturday, November 27, 2021
4:00 PM

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  1. Adler, Bill (Tuba) - guest: yes
  2. Blodgett, Dean (Trumpet) - guest: yes
  3. Bronstein, Tracy (piccolo) - guest: no
  4. Chaikovsky, Joanne (zither) - guest: yes
  5. Chaikovsky, Oleg (Trombone) - guest: yes
  6. Fierberg, Joel (Conductor, tuba) - guest: yes
  7. Hart, Derek (Tenor Saxophone) - guest: no
  8. Hudson, Kevin (Trumpet (primary); mellophone (in a pinch)) - guest: yes
  9. James, Brendan (Trumpet) - guest: no
  10. King, Ron (Power Alto Sax) - guest: no
  11. Kwan, Andrew (clarinet) - guest: yes
  12. Lefor, Sheila (Alto Sax) - guest: yes
  13. Mio, Jeffery (Trumpet (flugel horn)) - guest: yes
  14. Morgan, Paul (Trumpet, Tenor Sax) - guest: yes
  15. Pardess, Dave (Piccolo, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon) - guest: no
  16. Salazar, Richard (Tuba, Sousaphone, Upright Bass) - guest: yes
  17. Shaw, Gwendolyn (Clarinet) - guest: yes
  18. Yacoobian, Charles (Percussion) - guest: yes

Not Attending

  1. DeVorkin, Alex (Alto Sax) - guest: no
  2. Gatchel, Karen (Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet) - guest: no
  3. Greenberg, Mark (Piccolo) - guest: no
  4. Greenfield, Mike (Tenor Sax, Alto Sax) - guest: no
  5. Guttenplan, Stu (Trombone) - guest: no
  6. Hirsch, Ed (trombone) - guest: no
  7. Vela, Sebastian (alto sax) - guest: no


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