Women’s Basketball vs Jackson State

We will be performing at the Women's Basketball game vs. Jackson State the day after Thanksgiving. It will be really fun to see the 2022-2023 Bruins in action, as they feature outstanding senior Charisma Osborne as well as highly-regarded freshmen Kiki Rice (Nike's Jordan brand's first ever college NIL signee) and Gabriela Jaquez.

Pauley Pavilion
Friday, November 25, 2022
1:00 PM
2:00 PM

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  1. Bronstein, Tracy (piccolo) - guest: no
  2. Chaikovsky, Oleg (Trombone) - guest: no
  3. Chao, Victor (Tenor Saxophone) - guest: yes
  4. Greenfield, Mike (Tenor Sax, Alto Sax) - guest: no
  5. Guttenplan, Stu (Trombone) - guest: no
  6. Hart, Derek (Tenor Saxophone) - guest: no
  7. Hays, Todd (Percussion) - guest: no
  8. Kuromiya, Larry (alto sax) - guest: yes
  9. Kwan, Andrew (clarinet) - guest: yes
  10. Lefor, Sheila (Alto Sax) - guest: yes
  11. Lund, Don (Trumpet (3rd)) - guest: yes
  12. Mio, Jeffery (Trumpet (flugel horn)) - guest: no
  13. Morgan, Paul (Trumpet, Tenor Sax) - guest: yes
  14. Norvell, Scott (Tuba, Trombone) - guest: no
  15. Sandoval, Carlos (Trumpet) - guest: yes
  16. Sanger, Darlene (Alto Sax, Flute, Piano) - guest: no
  17. Torres, Christopher (Tuba) - guest: no
  18. Wiener, Joan (Percussion) - guest: no
  19. Yacoobian, Charles (Percussion) - guest: no
  20. Yorke, Harold (Alto, Tenor, Baritone Sax & clarinet) - guest: yes

Not Attending

  1. Chaikovsky, Joanne (zither) - guest: no
  2. Dean, Bob (TUBA) - guest: no
  3. Gatchel, Karen (Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet) - guest: no
  4. Hirsch, Ed (trombone) - guest: no
  5. Hue, Jeff (Euphonium) - guest: no